Introducing 4MAT 4 Algebra

An Innovative Algebra I Teaching Method with Proven Results

Teaching Algebra Conceptually

4MAT 4 Algebra is founded on ten over-arching ideas that establish the conceptual glue for the teaching of Algebra I.

Based on the Research-Based 4MAT Best Practices Framework

The program is based on the research-proven 4MAT method. Students will never feel they are learning because "it's on the test." Every concept begins with student's own experiences and ends in adaptation of learning.

Making Connections -To Learners to the Real World

Each unit plan is taught over a 2-3 week time frame. Each unit connects to the real lives, interests and experiences of students. And each unit also provides actionable ways for students to make learning their own through individual applications and extensions of knowledge.

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Hear from school teachers and administrators about the success of 4MAT for Algebra for their students. 

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Download a Sample Chapter

Click here to download or receive by mail a sample chapter from the teacher's guide. The concept is "Luck".

4MAT 4 Algebra Works!

4MAT 4 Algebra Training Dates

4MAT 4 Algebra training training is for teachers looking to use this program in their classroom. The training provides comprehensive guidance in how to use 4MAT 4 Algebra to help enhance Algebra I Instruction. This training includes 2 days of intensive instruction on how to use this program in the classroom. 

Participants will receive hands-on guidance in all the instructional activities and projects comprising the course. Upon completion, participants are fully equipped to implement this program in their classroom.

Watch for future 4MAT 4 Algebra workshops to be scheduled. 

Our Innovation

The 4MAT Method is based on the understanding that all people learn differently. Teachers can accommodate these differences using a concept-based approachto instruction that:

  • Engages
  • Informs
  • Allows for Practice
  • Allows for Creative Use of Material Learned
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