The 4MAT Algebra Teaching Method: Products and Classroom Resources
4MAT 4 Algebra includes a comprehensive set of training materials and educational resources for helping you create more dynamic and engaging Algebra I instruction.

What do I need to Get Started Now?

The program includes everything a teacher would need to start immediately - just add your own textbook and you’re ready to go!

  • Teacher's Guide
  • Student Workbook
  • Classroom Posters
  • Classroom Resource Kit

Making Connections -To Learners to the Real World

Each unit plan is taught over a 2-3 week timeframe. Each unit connects to the real lives, interests and experiences of students. And each unit also provides actionable ways for students to make learning their own through individual applications and extensions of knowledge. Students learn best when they explore the significance of key ideas and integrate learning in their own unique ways and this course is organized around these key principles.

4MAT for Algebra Teaching Method: Teacher Manual

This 296 Page Teacher’s GuideBook includes comprehensive guidance in how to orchestrate the 4MAT 4 Algebra Method in the Classroom.

4MAT 4 Algebra uses ten over-arching concepts to engage students in more meaningful and interactive methods that promote the real world application and use of Algebra. The corresponding Algebra content is then nested into these larger concepts to help students make stronger connections to Algebra content.

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The 4MAT Algebra Teaching Method: Student Activity Book

The 4MAT 4 Algebra Student Activity Book is a 167 page book that provides scores of ideas for engaging students in more creative and meaningful tasks that involve the use of Algebra. This book is not intended to replace your textbook, but rather to provide teachers with a host of new ideas for creating more engaging activities for students as they work to master content.

You will be amazed at how well students respond to these interactive and dynamic activities.

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4MAT for Algebra Teaching Method: Classroom Bundle

4MAT 4 Algebra Classroom Bundle

A classroom set of 30 student workbooks, teacher's guide and one set of 10 classroom posters for $632.50. This is a complete starter set for any teacher interested in using 4MAT 4 Algebra in their classroom!

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4MAT for Algebra Teaching Method: Algebra Concepts Poster Set

4MAT 4 Algebra Posters

New Poster Series Introducing a beautiful set of 10 18 x 22 four-color posters that correspond with each of the 4MAT 4 Algebra conceptual units.

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Download a Sample Chapter

Click here to download or receive by mail a sample chapter from the teacher's guide. The concept is "Luck".

4MAT 4 Algebra Works!

4MAT 4 Algebra Training Dates

4MAT 4 Algebra training training is for teachers looking to use this program in their classroom. The training provides comprehensive guidance in how to use 4MAT 4 Algebra to help enhance Algebra I Instruction. This training includes 2 days of intensive instruction on how to use this program in the classroom. 

Participants will receive hands-on guidance in all the instructional activities and projects comprising the course. Upon completion, participants are fully equipped to implement this program in their classroom.

Watch for future 4MAT 4 Algebra workshops to be scheduled.